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Re: Outputting colored zsh prompts from an external script

> I ported this to zsh for fun:
> fishpwd() {
>   local maxlen=${1:-20} pwd
>   local -a segs
>   segs=("${(s:/:)${(D)PWD}}")
>   for i in {1..$(($#segs-1))}; do
>     pwd=${(j:/:)segs}
>     (( $#pwd <= maxlen )) && break
>     segs[$i]=${segs[$i][1]}
>   done
>   print $pwd
> }

Yeah. I know that everything I want to do with zshprompt.py can be
done in pure zsh and I'm sure it can even be done elegantly in zsh.
The prompt I'm using right now, until I get zshprompt.py colors
working, is a pure zsh prompt that I implemented that has most of
zshprompt.py's features.

But the problem is that your zsh code is completely meaningless to me
because I don't know zsh. If I learned zsh well enough to do the
prompt I want, the in six months' time when I  want to change my
prompt or fix a bug I'll have forgotten all about it again because I
won't have used zsh scripting since. I write Python every day, so
being able to define zsh prompts by calling external programs (python
or otherwise) seems really empowering for letting more people hack
their zsh prompts.

So far this color issue is the only thing getting in my way...

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