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Re: Any way to have ".sh" be optional?

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 1:12 PM, TJ Luoma <luomat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I tend to name all of my Zsh scripts to end with '.sh' so I can easily
> `fgrep -i Whatever *.sh` when I'm looking for something.

Cool, I tend to use .zsh, but mostly so I know they're not system scripts.

> However, I would rather not have to type the ".sh" if not necessary. (Yes, I
> am that lazy.)

Leaving out the .«tab» saves a little bit of typing. But you might have
already fully tab-completed a couple chars in.

> is there a way to tell zsh "If I use the command 'foo' and there is no 'foo'
> but there is 'foo.sh' then I want to use 'foo.sh'?

You could tie into the command_not_found_hook (briefly mentioned in
zshmisc(1)). Something like this:

  command_not_found_handler() {
    print "Proxying for actual: $actual"
    for p in $path; do
      if [[ -x $p/$actual ]]; then
        $actual $@[2,-1]

Then use:

  % foo aa bb
  Proxying for actual: foo.sh
  <regular output>...

A couple caveats:

  * I don't actually do this, but maybe I'll try; the func is not really

  * zsh syntax highlighting
    (https://github.com/zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting) won't match foo

  * running in cwd as ./foo isn't handled

  * not sure if looping over path is best approach; would something with
    hash work?

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