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Re: Emulating vim's Ctrl-W behavior

Hi Jack,

If you use zsh's vi edit mode (instead of emacs mode) you will get this
behavior by default.

You can set your shell to use vi mode with this command.
  bindkey -v

This will set your shell's line editing mode to vi-style.

You can get more info with:
  man zshzle


On Fri, Oct 04, 2013 at 02:20:57PM -0700, Jack O'Connor wrote:
> Zsh likes to nuke my pipes when I delete backwards. For example, if I have
> the line...
> echo a | grep
> ...and I press Ctrl-W twice, then what I'd like to have (and what vim and
> bash give me) is...
> echo a
> But zsh doesn't seem to count the pipe as a word, and the second Ctrl-W
> plows through it and deletes the "a". Is there any way to configure zsh to
> get vim's behavior? And related, is there a way to delete backwards to the
> next slash in a path, as Ctrl-W does in vim, rather than deleting the whole
> path? Thanks very much.
> -- Jack O'Connor

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