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Re: Fish-like autosuggestions

On Nov 5,  4:18pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} It would seem natural to replace the callhookfunc() in raw_getbyte()
} with a zlecallhook().  However, that's incompatible so it probably needs
} augmenting with an additional option to zle -F to indicate the argument
} is a ZLE widget rather than a shell function

How about we treat it like zle-line-init, zle-keymap-select, etc.?  Have
a single predefined widget name that is called at that point (whether
before, after, or instead of the "zle -F" handlers, I don't really have
an opinion yet).  Pass the file descriptor number in $NUMERIC, and maybe
even set $PENDING to say how many bytes are ready on that FD.

Hmm, the doc doesn't actually explain what the return value from a -F
handler means to the surrounding code.  There should probably be some
sort of return-code-based protocol to indicate whether handling should
proceed, which makes me lean away from the "instead" option but still
doesn't resolve before/after for me.

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