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Re: custom script Bash completion

On Nov 10,  2:09pm, Thomas Ballinger wrote:
} [...] completion suggestions are still filtered though by "values
} that the user has typed the first letters of," preventing the fuzzy
} completion I'd written from taking effect:

Zsh completion assumes that the completion function is going to produce
all possible words that could appear at that position on the command
line; the internals then perform the filtering to match against the
partial word that is already present if any.  It was our feeling at the
time that it was far too much to expect every completion function author
to consider details such as whether the cursor was in the middle of the
word, etc.  The "compadd -U" option was created to enable authors to
have that degree of control, but it's not the default and it's not used
in the emulation functions defined by bashcompinit.

} I imagine I need to turn off some zsh completion feature for
} this completion?

I think you're going to have to replace bashcompinit with a slightly
edited version.  Perhaps if we get a volunteer to update bashcompinit,
that person can figure out how to make this optional.  In any case,
according to comments in bashcompinit the diff below might be what you

I threw in making "complete -C" pass the same args as "complete -F".

diff --git a/Completion/bashcompinit b/Completion/bashcompinit
index 902fa88..e2b3597 100644
--- a/Completion/bashcompinit
+++ b/Completion/bashcompinit
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ _bash_complete() {
       compset -S '/*' && matches=( ${matches%%/*} )
       compadd -Q -f "${suf[@]}" -a matches && ret=0
-      compadd -Q "${suf[@]}" -a matches && ret=0
+      compadd -U -Q "${suf[@]}" -a matches && ret=0
@@ -137,7 +137,10 @@ compgen() {
 	unsetopt nullglob
       W) results+=( ${(Q)~=OPTARG} ) ;;
-      C) results+=( $(eval $OPTARG) ) ;;
+      C)
+        local -a args
+        args=( "${words[0]}" "${@[-1]}" "${words[CURRENT-2]}" )
+        results+=( $(eval $OPTARG "${args[@]}") ) ;;
       P) prefix="$OPTARG" ;;
       S) suffix="$OPTARG" ;;
@@ -152,7 +155,7 @@ compgen() {
   # support for the last, `word' option to compgen. Zsh's matching does a
   # better job but if you need to, comment this in and use compadd -U
-  # (( $# >= OPTIND)) && results=( "${(M)results[@]:#${@[-1]}*}" )
+  (( $# >= OPTIND)) && results=( "${(M)results[@]:#${@[-1]}*}" )
   print -l -r -- "$prefix${^results[@]}$suffix"

Barton E. Schaefer

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