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Re: Opening a new tab is awkwardly slow

On Wed, 20 Nov 2013 08:19:25 +0200
Timo Sand <timo.j.sand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Forgot to add the link
> I updated the Gist content https://gist.github.com/deiga/7547991

It would be useful if you were able to post a link to the text:  looking
at it in a browser widget isn't very convenient and we don't need the
versioning information.

> On 20 November 2013 08:18, Timo Sand <timo.j.sand@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > The biggest timesink seems to be that my `.zprofile` gets loaded twice and
> > thus `rbenv init` runs twice, which is kind of slow. The next would be
> > `compdef/compaudit`, but I don't even know what to do about them.

You're getting to areas where you need specific help from whoever knows
what it is the script is trying to do, rather than zsh users generally.

However, as far as the "compdef"s are concerned --- the code is defining
these one by one as explicit compdef commands rather than using the
mechanism where the line "#compdef blah" appears in the first line of
the functions.  If you arrange to use that mechanism --- simply having
appropriate functions in you function search path when "compinit" is run
is sufficient --- this will be optimised to setting a single array in a
.zcompdump* dump file, which should be a good deal faster.

Whether that's something you're responsible for or is down to an init
file from someone else is, obviously, a question for you rather than me.


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