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Re: zsh 4.2.5

Dear Dan,

You are completely right. I am using sunfreeware.com's version of gcc, and it finds /usr/local/include/iconv.h

Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Apr 07), Oliver Kiddle said:
"Zvi Har'El" wrote:
I suppose this requires some fixing in the configuration process,
since solaris doesn't have the gnu glibc, and the solaris libc
doesn't include iconv.
Certainly on the Solaris machines I have access to, libc does include
iconv. Is the iconv library you're trying to link against GNU
libiconv? What error were you getting? Is it perhaps picking up GNU
libiconv's include files before the system ones?

What happens if you type in the following:
 cat > t.c <<END
 #include <iconv.h>
 main() { iconv_t cd = (iconv_t)iconv_open("646", "8859"); }
 cc t.c
For me, that compiles just fine.

He's probably got libiconv installed and using gcc which defaults to
having /usr/local/include *before* /usr/include in the search path!! Both sunfreeware.com's version for Solaris 9 and the one bundled with
Solaris 10 do this.  Remove or rename /usr/local/include/iconv.h.

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