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PATCH: Cleaner envrionment after some completions


this patch makes some internal variables of completions where I noticed
this behavior local to the completion function. This makes the "set"
output more readable again. The patch also hides the vales of the
package cache for apt, since I don't think it helps anyone to see the
names of all 21241 Debian packes when calling "set". This might also be
useful for other variables of the completion system, like _comps,
_services and _comp_setup.

Greetings Tobi

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--- orig/Completion/Debian/Command/_apt
+++ mod/Completion/Debian/Command/_apt
@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@
   local short_seq false true bool bool_prefix intlevel word word1 nul qnul match
   local comp_bool comp_intlevel comp_configfile comp_arbitem comp_long comp_opt
-  local comp_release
-  local regex_short regex_long regex_all
+  local comp_release comp_long_prefix comp_short
+  local regex_short regex_long regex_all regex_long_prefix
   regex_all=( \( "$@" \) )

--- orig/Completion/Debian/Type/_deb_packages
+++ mod/Completion/Debian/Type/_deb_packages
@@ -103,6 +103,8 @@
+  typeset -gH $cachevar
   _tags packages && compadd "$expl[@]" - "${(@P)cachevar}"

--- orig/Completion/Unix/Command/_mount
+++ mod/Completion/Unix/Command/_mount
@@ -40,7 +40,11 @@
 # are below these table.
 local curcontext="$curcontext" state line suf ret=1
-local args deffs=iso9660 tmp typeops=-t _nfs_access _nfs_ufs
+local args deffs=iso9660 tmp typeops=-t _fs_any _nfs_access _fs_nfs _nfs_ufs \
+_fs_ufs _fs_efs _fs_iso9660 _fs_cachefs _fs_s5fs _fs_tmpfs _fs_pcfs _fs_hsfs \
+_fs_advfs _fs_cdfs _fs_affs _fs_ext2 _fs_fat _fs_ext3 _fs_msdos _fs_umsdos \
+_fs_vfat _fs_hpfs _fs_ntfs _fs_reiserfs _fs_smbfs _fs_xfs _fs_std _fs_devfs \
+_fs_fdesc _fs_kernfs _fs_linprocfs _fs_procfs
 typeset -A opt_args

--- orig/Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion
+++ mod/Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
   local cmd
   if (( ! $+_svn_cmds )); then
-    typeset -gA _svn_cmds
+    typeset -A _svn_cmds
       ${=${(f)${${"$(LC_MESSAGES=C _call_program commands svn help)"#l#*Available subcommands:}%%Subversion is a tool*}}/(#s)[[:space:]]#(#b)([a-z]##)[[:space:]]#(\([a-z, ?]##\))#/$match[1] :$match[1]${match[2]:+:${${match[2]//[(),]}// /:}}:}

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