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Re: zle separability

    Hi Frederik :)

 * Frederik Eaton <frederik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> > > >     For the rest I don't understand clearly what do you want. If you
> > > > could give me some use cases I can try to tell you ways of achieving
> > > > what you need.
> > > Sort of like preexec, except that it executes not *before* the command
> > > but *instead of* the command. So you could set it to something like
> > > myexec () { "$@" }
> >     You can do that using aliases :? Maybe I'm misunderstanding
> > anything?
> If you wanted to use zsh to replace readline, you'd need a way to
> intercept the lines it read as commands, and to get zsh to not execute
> those lines as it normally would...

    OK, I understand. You can do that using 'vared'. You have the
full zle power (I think) and the result is stored in a parameter,
never executed unless you want it to.

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