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Re: localtraps

Vincent Stemen wrote:
> On a side note, even though the binaries all seemed to compile OK, I
> got a compilation error on NetBSD with 4.2.5 with the zsh-4_2-patches
> that looks to me like a failure in generating the manuals.  Here is
> the error.
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> rm -f zleparameter.so
> gcc  -s -Wl,-x -shared --whole-archive -o zleparameter.so   zleparameter..o  
>   -ltermcap
>  -lm  -lc
> (  echo 'STARTDEF()';  echo 'def(version)(0)('4.2.5')';  echo 'def(date)(0)('
> 'April 6, 2
> 005'')';  echo 'ENDDEF()#' | tr '#' '\\';  ) > ./version.yo
> case zsh.1 in  */*) target=zsh.1 ;;  *) target=./zsh.1 ;;  esac;  case ': yod
> l' in :*) ;
> ; *)  : yodl -I. -w zman.yo version.yo zsh.yo | sed -e '1s/\\-/-/g' -e '/^\.'
> \''/d' > $t
> arget  ;; esac;  test -f $target
> *** Error code 1

You don't have yodl, right?  Configure hasn't detected it so it's put a
": " in front.  This should mean it runs through OK, but without
generating the documentation, although it will produce an empty file.
It's not obvious why it gave an error --- unless the wrap between "$t"
and "arget" was there in the original, which is unlikely.

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