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Re: 8-bit parameter names?

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Is it intentional that 8-bit characters can be used in parameter name
> identifiers, or is it a bug?

There's a weird assumption that 8-bit characters from 160 can be treated
as alphanumeric.   This doesn't really work for any character set I'm
aware of.

    for (t0 = 0240; t0 != 0400; t0++)

Arguably we could just delete that.  The internal tests ialpha and
ialnum are used very infrequently in cases where use of an 8-bit
character isn't likely---they are not used to replace isalpha() and
isalnum() in pattern matching.  I don't know what characters you can
have in user names, but it's only used to test what follows a ~.  iword
needs redoing completely for Unicode anyway; we need to base it on
WORDCHARS plus isalnum() or iswalnum, a fixed table entry isn't good
enough.  (The [[:WORD:]] test I just added suffers from this too, but it
is at least consistent with zle which is its main purpose.)

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