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Re: Wierd autoload problems with nested directories

On 6/14/05, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Jun 14,  2:55am, Ulf Magnusson wrote:
> }
> } fpath=(/home/ulf/lib/zsh/completions $fpath)
> } autoload -U $fpath[1]/*(:t)
> }
> } fpath=(/home/ulf/lib/zsh $fpath)
> } autoload -U $fpath[1]/*(:t)
> You might note that this will result in the "completions" subdirectory
> being treated as the name of a function for autoloading.  You probably
> should be doing
>     autoload -U $fpath[1]/*(.:t)

You're right of course.

> Also please note that the location from which the function is loaded
> depends on the value of $fpath at the time you call the function, NOT
> upon the value of $fpath at the time you run "autoload".
> } print -l ${fpath[1,3]} yields
> }
> } /home/ulf/lib/zsh/completions
> } /home/ulf/lib/zsh
> } /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions
> }
> } , as expected.
> That's certainly not what *I* would have expected.  If the two fpath
> assignments really do appear in the order that you show them, I would
> expect:
>     /home/ulf/lib/zsh
>     /home/ulf/lib/zsh/completions
>     /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions

Another mistake there, the two fpath= / autoload pairs appear in the
opposite order in my .zshrc.

> Also, I'd have expected /usr/local/share/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION/functions
> (for suitable expansion of $ZSH_VERSION) to appear in the list.

/usr/local/share/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION/functions doesn't show up in my
fpath even if I comment out all fpath-altering lines in my .zshrc.
Only the subdirectories of /usr/local/share/zsh/$ZSH_VERSION/functions
do. It shouldn't be a problem though, since no functions are stored it
the base directory anyway.

> } For some reason, my completions will only work ('work' as in zsh not
> } using its default completion behaviour for the context in question) if
> } I place them in /home/ulf/lib/zsh.
> At what point amidst all of this do you run "compinit"?
> Merely autoloading a completion function isn't good enough -- compinit
> has to examine the file and read the #compdef line.  That means you must
> not run compinit until after you've added to fpath all the directories
> where completion functions might be found.

I ran compinit before autoload:ing the functions in
/home/ulf/lib/zsh/completions. Moving the call after the autoload
fixed my problems. The user-friendly guide could have been clearer in
telling you that you need to call compinit after setting up fpath. I
only skimmed the manual (it's often way over my head as a zsh newbie),
so I don't know if it's clearer on this point. Thanks for the help!


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