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_urxvt ( rxvt-unicode )

Hi everyone,
I made this rxvt-unicode auto complete yesterday.

ps: im not subscribed, please CC me.


"Non-free programs are dangerous to you and to your community.
        Don't let them get a place in your life." - RMS
#compdef urxvt
_xt_arguments \
  -+{rv,ls,j,ptab,sb,sr,st,si,sk,sw,ip,ipf,ut,vb,tcw,insecure,uc,bc,pb,b,scc,ssr} \
  -{help} \
  '-tn:	string:' \
  '-geometry: geometry:' \
  '-C: intercept console messages:' \
  '-iconic: start iconic:' \
  '-sbt: scrollbar thickness:' \
  '-tint: tint color:' \
  '-fade: fade percent:' \
  '-sh:	shade percent:' \
  '-bg:	background color:' \
  '-cr:	cursor color:' \
  '-pr:	pointer color:' \
  '-pr2: pointer bg color:'\
  '-bd:	border color:' \
  '-pixmap: pixmap:' \
  '-fn: normal text font:' \
  '-fb: bold font:' \
  '-fi: italic font:' \
  '-fbi: bold italic font:' \
  '-im: name of input method:' \
  '-pt: input style style = OverTheSpot|OffTheSpot|Root:'\
  '-imlocale: locale to use for input method:' \
  '-imfont: fontset for styles OverTheSpot and OffTheSpot:' \
  '-name: client instance, icon, and title strings:' \
  '-title: title name for window:' \
  '-n: con name for window:' \
  '-sl: number of scrolled lines to save:' \
  '-embed: window id to embed terminal in:' \
  '-pty-fd: file descriptor of pty to use:' \
  '-w:external border in pixels:' \
  '-b: internal border in pixels:' \
  '-lsp: number of extra pixels between rows:' \
  '-mod: meta modifier = alt|meta|hyper|super|mod1|...|mod5:' \
  '-e: command to execute: _command_names -e:*::program arguments: _normal'

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author