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Re: Good, easy to use, upstream defaults for zsh (i.e. improving usability)

In the last episode (Jul 10), Keir Mierle said:
> Ideas:
>  * Add colors or at least boldface to the default prompt. The reasoning behind

Bodface is the only thing you'll ever get in a default, since you have
no way of even predicting whether a user will be using a black-on-white
xterm or a white-on-black console.  I like "(%n@%m) %B%/>%(#/#/)%b".

>  * Extremely controversial: make a 'extract' command that
>    intelligently handles all sorts of file formats. There is one
>    argument, that says it is not zsh's place to do this. There is
>    another, that says this is something zsh could do trivially, is
>    very common, exists in virtually everyone's .zshrc in one form or
>    another, and could be done once, properly, for the last time,
>    upstream.

I'm not sure how zsh could do this in a way that an external program
(bsdtar, for example) couldn't do just as well, also allowing non-zsh
users to use the same command if they wished.
>  * A good intro doc on using zsh interacitvely that goes over things
>    it does differently from other shells, such as good completion or
>    the above default aliases. The intro on the zsh website is ok, but
>    it could use some work.

Are you referring to http://zsh.sunsite.dk/Guide/ ?  It's probably just
waiting for someone to finish it.

	Dan Nelson

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