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Re: Good, easy to use, upstream defaults for zsh (i.e. improving usability)

Peter wrote:

> One thing that occurs to me is that we need to make it easy for admins
> to override the defaults.  Hence I think it should look in, say,

The problem with leaving it to admins to define the defaults is that the
defaults then vary. A module for installing skeleton startup files isn't
a bad idea but I think we should then distribute our recommended
skeletons. It is better when admins limit customisations to things that
are specific to the machine (environment variables like JAVA_HOME for

The other thing we might consider is changing the default set of options
that are enabled for interactive shells. autocd is a good candidate
because it is fairly harmless if you don't know about it. extended_glob
is perhaps less appropriate because it forces more special characters to
require quoting. This was done before in early 3.1.x versions if I'm not

And before we add any newuser module, what would we actually want to put
in the default skeleton configuration?


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