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Implementation of simple newuser module (how to start?)

It appears there is some consesus on how we can start making zsh more
usable. The idea of a 'newuser' module is great; there's tons of
things we could put in to make it easy for new user while not
frustrating zsh veterans.

I know absolutely nothing about the zsh codebase, so I've started
poking around. Now, in the interest in maximizing the amount of work I
get done while minimizing the amount of time I spend (because I don't
have much time to spend on open source stuff), could the list give me
a brief synopsis of what files I should be looking at, and what files
I should create?

To start, I was thinking of just creating a zsh script to walk the
user through setting up their prompt, turning on completion, and
telling them about autocd and a couple other options.

New idea: Create a 'tips' module that is disabled by default, but
during the newuser tutorial/setup phase, the user can choose to turn
on tips. Tips are very useful because the information is presented one
bit at a time, so users are more likely to remember it. I find startup
tips annoying with GUI programs, because I can usually discover
whatever it is the tip says without any docs just by clicking around,
but for obvious reasons this isn't the case with ZSH, making it an
excellent candidate for tips.

Thanks again,

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