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Re: widget

On Jul 20,  3:24am, UVV wrote:
} Explain me please: what is *widget*?

Many years ago, economics textbooks in U.S. universities used to talk
a lot about manufacturing companies, because manufacturing was the
biggest business then ("information technology" was barely entering
the consciousness).  When those textbooks needed to give an example
of some anonymous but useful object that was being manufactured by a
ficticious company, they called it a "widget".   You can read more
about this at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widget

Later on, the folks who wrote the X window system needed a word to
refer to user interface objects that represented windows on the screen.
They adopted "widget", re-inventing it as a contraction of "window
gadget".  The term then morphed into one referring to any small bit of
interactive software from which a larger system is built up.

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