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is yodl required to build zsh?


I tried to build zsh-current from cvs and make bails, apparently because of absence of yodl: 

( \
    for modfile in Zsh/mod_cap.yo Zsh/mod_clone.yo Zsh/mod_compctl.yo Zsh/mod_complete.yo Zsh/mod_complist.yo Zsh/mod_computil.
yo Zsh/mod_datetime.yo Zsh/mod_deltochar.yo Zsh/mod_example.yo Zsh/mod_files.yo Zsh/mod_mapfile.yo Zsh/mod_mathfunc.yo Zsh/mod_
newuser.yo Zsh/mod_parameter.yo Zsh/mod_pcre.yo Zsh/mod_sched.yo Zsh/mod_socket.yo Zsh/mod_stat.yo  Zsh/mod_system.yo Zsh/mod_t
cp.yo Zsh/mod_termcap.yo Zsh/mod_terminfo.yo Zsh/mod_zftp.yo Zsh/mod_zle.yo Zsh/mod_zleparameter.yo Zsh/mod_zprof.yo Zsh/mod_zp
ty.yo Zsh/mod_zselect.yo Zsh/mod_zutil.yo; do \
        sed -n '1{s|^COMMENT(!MOD!\(.*\)$|menu(The \1 Module)|;p;q;}' \
            < ./$modfile; \
    done \
) > ./Zsh/manmodmenu.yo
: yodl -o zsh.texi -I. -w ztexi.yo version.yo zsh.yo; \
test -f zsh.texi
gmake[1]: *** [zsh.texi] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/flam/volatile/worksrc/zsh/Doc'
gmake: *** [all] Error 1

Is yodl required?  Or some prebuilt info files available?

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