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Pause when quitting under FreeBSD

Hi there!

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to post this problem, but
ever since I switched to a 64bit OS and installed my shell of choice,
quitting zsh suddenly takes about 2 or 3 seconds.
Since my configuration comes from an NFS-server, I can be 100% sure that
it's the same unter FreeBSD 5.4 and 6 (which is the one that seems to
have problems).
I already tried a ktrace to maybe find the bugger, but the
time-consumption seems to be during some breaks. Here's the important parts:

   744 zsh      Events dropped.
   744 zsh      1122421279.260961 RET   open 3
   744 zsh      Events dropped.
   744 zsh      1122421279.271187 RET   close 0
   744 zsh      1122421280.524404 CALL  break(0x876c20)
   744 zsh      1122421280.524420 RET   break 0
   744 zsh      1122421280.563815 CALL  break(0x871c20)
   744 zsh      1122421281.009755 CALL  break(0x835c20)
   744 zsh      1122421281.009771 RET   break 0
   744 zsh      1122421281.548473 CALL  break(0x7d4c20)
   744 zsh      1122421281.548534 RET   break 0
   744 zsh      1122421281.548602 CALL  unlink(0x7b6960)
   744 zsh      1122421281.548606 NAMI  "/home/mark/.zsh_history.LOCK"
   744 zsh      1122421281.553918 RET   unlink 0

As you can see, it takes about 2.3s doing breaks and this is *really*
annoying if you fire up some terminals and want to close them wich
ctrl+d, because the terminal just sits there and twiddles thumbs :-/

Is there anything I could maybe do to help get rid of this? I already
tried not to do a setopt APPEND_HISTORY or SHARE_HISTORY, but it seems
to be totally unrelated. Also NFS doesn't seem to be the bugger, because
the problem exists for root, too and /root is of course not on an NFS-mount.

Hope anyone can help me or at least provide some debugging hints

	- Mark
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