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Re: Wrong build on SunOS 5.8 or bug in zsh?

Andreas Pistoor wrote:
> On Linux, AIX and our develop-SunOS the zsh works fine, but on our
> SunOS-production-machines some long running scripts, which starts many
> subjobs and waits for them, get from time to time a signal SIGBUS (or
> maybe SIGILL or SIGSEGV, I am not sure about older events). Sometimes
> this signal was resent while the zsh was in the code to buffer a
> previous signal in its internal list, resulting in overflowing this list
> and locking the shell. At other times, the signal was traped and resent
> while trying to exit the shell in that trap, also locking the shell. The
> last time, now without the traps on that signals, a subshell called by
> $( ... ) exited.

It would be useful to see a gdb backtrace of the state the shell is in
if it locks, or of a core dump, if you can get one.

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