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Re: PATCH: (one-liner) adjustwinsize doesn't update prompt string

Dan Bullok wrote:
> I kept at this, and have made some progress  I'm able to completely work 
> around this problem by creating a new function in Src/Zle/zle_main.c  called 
> zle_resetprompt.  This does the same thing that resetprompt does, only it can
> be called from call the zle reset-prompt from outside of zle (i.e. in ).  
> Then you don't have to call trashzle, which seems to be the cause of the 
> extra newlines.  Instead, you call zle_resetprompt after calling zrefresh 
> (before might work, too, but I didn't try it).

Seems to work, so I checked this on both branches (code is a little
different on main).  I'm not convinced we need both the zrefresh()
before and the redisplay() after the prompt expansion (even though the
logic depends on zleactive), but it's small enough that I haven't played
around with it.

> > By the way, our mail scanning software (blackspider) decided there was a
> > virus (huntsman) in your script attachment.  It's presumably wrong, but
> > anyway the attachment got blocked.
> Hmmm.  Everything looks okay here.  Mail was sent from a hardened Linux box 
> that gets regular inspections by rkhunter and chkrootkit.  It also seems to 
> have gone through the mailing list intact, because I got a copy (and it's the
> same one I sent).  I think your virus scanner's probably overcautious (which 
> isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Yes, I think so, too.

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