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Re: unpatch: metafying zle line

Hi Peter ;),

On Aug 10 at 11:34:17, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I have a patch for the first step in making completion work with wide
> characters.  It's quite long, so instead of posting a patch which will
> fill people's mailboxes and no one will read I'll describe it here and
> commit it some time during the day.

I'm really glad to hear that :).

> People who aren't interested in the implementation should simply note
> that it might make completion unstable for a while.  This is in a good
> cause and any bug reports will help the Unicode development, even
> without the definition ZLE_UNICODE_SUPPORT that turns it on (at the
> moment this is off unless you alter zsh.h).

Cause i'm of no much help with the source, i'll do my best with the
tests, so i'll start testing it the moment you commit the patch.

Thanks for you great work!

David Gómez                                      Jabber ID: davidge@xxxxxxxxxx

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