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Re: PATCH: silencing compiler warnings from gcc 4

Wayne Davison <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gcc 4 outputs a bunch of compiler warnings about string pointers that
> differ in signedness.  The warnings in a zsh build are limited to the
> zle string functions defined in zle.h.  I came up with 2 solutions:
> (1) change the ZS_str* macros to cast their args to (char*), or (2)
> introduce some static inline functions to handle the casts.  The
> advantage of the latter is that it doesn't hide pointer-conversion
> errors behind forced casts.  For instance, after I compiled the inline
> version it showed several places in the code that were using ZWC() on
> strings instead of ZWS() (which I already fixed and checked in).

I was wondering about these.  I'm a bit loath either to cast away any
typesafety quite so blithely as the first change would do, but I'm not that
keen on putting too much work into non-standard features (which will
reduce to the first case where inline isn't available).  I believe even C99
doesn't allow every use of inline that gcc does.  However, given that we're
stuck with casts of some sort, and we do a lot of the development with gcc,
possibly the second option is the best way to go.

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