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Re: PATCH: silencing compiler warnings from gcc 4

Wayne Davison <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As for the portability of "inline", there is an autoconf macro that I
> included, AC_C_INLINE, that redefines the word "inline" as appropriate.
> The rsync package used a static inline function in its rsync.h for many
> years (thought I eliminated it recently), so it would seem to be quite
> portable.

Hmm... did I read this the right way?  I had assumed that if inline wasn't
available we'd use a macro.  But maybe it simply means if inline isn't
available, we end up calling two functions to get a simple strlen().  If
that's the case it seems to be over the top... I think we would need
something like

#ifdef <inline is available>

static inline size_t ZS_strlen(ZLE_STRING_T s)
{ return strlen((char*)s); }


#define ZS_strlen(s) strlen((char *)s)


Then we still get debugging information from gcc without unnecessarily
increasing the overhead with other compilers.

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