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some unicode issues [was Re: PATCH: fix 4, was Re: unpatch: metafying zle line]

> This turns on ZLE_UNICODE_SUPPORT by default when the environment supports
> it.  For now we require full ISO 10646 support (__STDC_ISO_10646__).  I'm

This is great!

> The problems Andrej's been seeing are likely to be mostly specific to real
> wide characters: since the completion code uses multibyte characters, with
> normal ASCII it sees exactly what it would have with ZLE_UNICODE_SUPPORT
> turned off.  So we will be relying a lot on people who need characters not
> in ASCII.

I notice two areas that need attention.

% ls
한국어/  English/    español/   ish中文/    Türkçe/    Ελληνικάeek/  中文/
català/  Englishий/  français/  Português/  Ελληνικά/  Русский/      中文ish/

% cd
Completing local directory
한국어            Englishий/         ish中文            Ελληνικά     中文                                  
català/             español/            Português/          Ελληνικάeek  中文ish                               
English/             français/           Türkçe/            Русский                       

The directories with the / suffix are colored red, and the unmarked ones are uncolored.
Display width is also miscalculated when tabbing through the completions.

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