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Re: PATCH: make unicode support configurable

Wayne Davison wrote:
>   o Do we like the above name for the --with/--without option?

Probably something more general is appropriate (indeed, it would
be for the name ZLE_UNICODE_SUPPORT if the definition doesn't depend on
ISO 10646).  --enable-multibyte-zle is about the best I can think of.

>   o Is including locale.h (if it exists) the right include file for
>     the new configure test for __STDC_ISO_10646__?  (It works on my
>     Linux system.)

No idea about this.

>   o Do we need the old unicode "subset" logic that I removed from
>     system.h?

It's possible we might: it controls whether printf understands Unicode.
That depends on rather less support being present than for zle.  It's
quite useful to be able to print Unicode characters even without the
support in zle.  Eventually, we might decide that there's a high enough
level of support for zle in any system where we can print Unicode characters,
but we haven't got there yet.

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