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Re: PATCH: make unicode support configurable

Wayne Davison wrote:
> Some questions that should be answered:
>   o Do we like the above name for the --with/--without option?

--enable-multibyte is more conventional. "with" options are meant for
enabling support for things that use external components.

Although including zle in the name as Peter suggests is accurate at the
moment, I assume that we'd not want multiple options once multibyte
support is added to other parts of the shell.

>   o Is including locale.h (if it exists) the right include file for
>     the new configure test for __STDC_ISO_10646__?  (It works on my
>     Linux system.)

Seems right for my system too.

>   o Do we need the old unicode "subset" logic that I removed from
>     system.h?

I think so. Unless you want --disable-multibyte to disable \u and \U.
Note that \u and \U could be useful even in a non-multibyte locale.


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