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Re: crash in completing code with unicode support

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 05:37, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> I tried the recent developments with unicode support, and it's going
> pretty well. I can write text in zle without it showing up as
> ^{saa'*^+{^ instaed of actual text. Backspacing over doublewidth
> characters only steps back one cell, but i understand this has not
> been worked on yet.

this works for me using UTF-8 Russian. Backward word has problems but backword 
char works. Or do you mean, characters with double display width? I am not 
aware of these in European languages?

> One problem i have encountered though, is if i 
> have a couple file that starts with the same multibyte character (it
> seems to be important that it is at the very beginning of the name),
> and then different endings, zsh crashes when i try to tabcomplete
> them. An obvious case where this happens is tabcompleting mp3 files
> where the artist's name starts with Ø (a danish capital O with a /
> through it, any of åäöæøÅÄÖÆØ seems to do the same thing too).

Does not crash here but looks pretty weird:

{pts/1}% pkg/bin/zsh -f
localhost% cd tmp/foo
localhost% autoload -U compinit; compinit
localhost% la Ф
\M-P\M-$1  \M-P\M-$2
localhost% ls
Ф1  Ф2

When I continue to complete it inserts correct string in command line so it is 
just listing that is wrong.

Using complist/menuselect works just nicely. Could you please try to reproduce 
it using zsh -f with the smallest set of extra options. And please, show 
UTF-8 (or UNICDOE) representation of characters that crash zsh and yuor OS 
and locale settings.


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