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Re: Bug#323486: zsh-beta: sometimes repeats part of the command, followed by a black-on-white hash mark

> I recently installed zsh-beta to be able to use the new UTF-8 support
> (thanks!) and noticed an oddity I've never seen before. Sometimes, when
> I ssh into my machine (with zsh-beta as the shell, with the 8-bit option
> on), and it takes a bit of time, I manage to type parts of the next
> command before I get the shell. In some of these cases, zsh seems to
> echo back the command (white on black as usual) followed by an inverted
> (ie. black on white) hash mark, then gives me the prompt and the full
> command (as it should).
> A picture speaks a thousand words:
>   http://home.samfundet.no/~sesse/zsh-oddity.png
> Note that I was writing “true” after the password, while it was still
> logging in. This is not reproducible all of the time, but I can usually
> do it on three or four attempts.


> In the meantime, I found the simplest way of reproducing it. "echo -n foo"
> and you will see the problem (at least I do, every time).

I can definitely reproduce it with "echo -n foo"

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