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Re: PATCH: insert-unicode-char

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> > Index: Functions/Zle/insert-unicode-char
> Presumably this works perfectly well in non-unicode locales if the
> resultant character is available.

Yes, it should do.

> Given that, is insert-unicode-char (as
> opposed to something like compose-char) the best name?

It's built around characters available in Unicode, and requires
conversion from UCS-4, so it's not irrelevant... but it's true that
users of ISO-8859-1 probably wouldn't realise they could use it for
accented characters.  (The manual entry hints but doesn't quite say.)

> I'm sure you know this but for the benefit of anyone that doesn't, it's
> possible to configure a compose key with xmodmap. It think the
> applicable line (for the rightmost Windows key) is:
>   keycode 117 = Multi_key

That's the right menu key on my keyboard; the Windows key is 116.
I tend to think the less I have to do with xmodmap the better, but this
time it does seem to be fairly painless.

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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