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Re: various weirdnesses with unicode support

David =?utf-8?B?R8OzbWV6?= wrote:
> Hi Mikael ;),
> On Sep 07 at 10:30:24, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> > * Having zsh in utf-8 locale but the terminal inputting for example
> > ISO-8859-1 makes zsh enter some weird state where
> Yep, i noticed too this one. It becomes necessary to logout, resetting
> the terminal doesn't fix it. From your list, i think this is the
> most serious problem.

It might be because the multibyte input state never gets reset
(getrestchar() in zle_main.c).  How does this manifest itself?  Are you
unable even to generate a new line?  If you can, resetting the state for
each line would be enough.  Otherwise we could time out multibyte
characters and return, for example, a '?'.

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