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Re: digraph for euro sign

Zvi Har'El wrote:

> I understand that rfc1345 doesn't include the euro sign. Vim chose to use the
> digraph =e, and zsh chose the digraph Eu. Otherwise, both use the same
> digraphs (and of course, I am using ^K as my zsh compose character).
> To make my life easier, I added to my .vimrc the lines
>     " zsh compatibility:
>     dig Eu 8364     " ?
> I wonder: Is there no update to rfc1345 which standardize this? I think Eu is
> more logical, as a direct analog to the other currency digraphs like
> Ct, Pd, Cu and Ye (the range U+00A3 to U+00A5). Of course, the =e has
> its own mnemonic value, as an E crossed by two dashes, so it is
> apparently just a matter of taste!

Using Eu does make a lot of sense, and it looks like it's not used
otherwise.  I'll add it.

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