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Re: Regression in UTF-8 support

Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> Zsh saves it metafied. I agree, external representation should be unmetafied;
> OTOH this is unlikely to depend on UTF-8 support, it is just that those
> characters are usually unused in 8-bit character sets so nobody has probably
> noticed this before

Metafication at this stage is mostly just to preserve a NULL.  It's
other use, protecting tokens, doesn't really apply in strings in the
command line editor (although it's needed while the string is being processed
by the main shell during completion).  However, a NULL won't occur in
the character sets we're using except as an ASCII NULL (since the
character set must be an extension of ASCII, contrary to the test I
added to the prompt code), so this isn't really a multibyte issue.
On the other hand, you *can* add a literal NULL to a command line if
you want.


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