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Re: Latest 4.3.0-dev infinite-loops in Y0*.ztst

On Oct 4,  2:50am, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} However, it DOES have something to do with configuring
} with --disable-multibyte, because when I reconfigure with
} --enable-multibyte all the tests run and pass.

I should add that, although the tests pass, completion listings don't
display properly for me with --enable-multibyte.  They seem to come
out all on one line, even though they are spaced as they would be if
they appeared on several lines.

I tried "setopt listrowsfirst" to see if that rearranged the entries
at all, but it does not, so it appears that the completion code has
simply lost all notion of how wide the terminal is.  If every individual
line of the listing is short enough to fit (e.g., because of breaking
up the list with groupings), everything looks fine.

Attempting to reproduce an example textually here would be useless,
because the upward cursor motions are confused as well, so the prompt
appears in the midst of the list, etc.  I'll take a screenshot if
someone thinks it would help.  However, it's probable that my crufty
old OS simply doesn't have full multibyte support, and what I really
need is for completion to work with --disable-multibyte.

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