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Bug with multibyte and completion


Former user of zsh, I switched to bash for its ability to handle
multibyte. I regularly try zsh from CVS to keep track of the
progresses and switch back as soon as possible. I found very good
multibyte improvements (thanks for the good work!), and experienced
the following bug. I hope this can help, if this is already known,
please ignore me...

[all this in UTF-8 locale] In a directory containing two files,
foo.pdf and 文京区と目黒区.pdf (or any unicode with double-width characters
on my xterm), typing "ls" and asking for completion gives

pc31 /tmp/test $ ls foo.pdf
foo.pdf             文京区と目黒区.pdf

pc31 /tmp/test $ ls 文京区と目黒区.pdf
foo.pdf             文京区と目黒区.pdf

pc31 /tmp/test $ ls 文京区 foo.pdf
foo.pdf             文京区と目黒区.pdf

While the first two are OK, the third should be exactly like the
first. It looks like the wide-characters string is not erased
correctly. Pressing ^L at that point results in the redrawn screen
looking as it should.


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