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aterm title zsh start-up weirdness.


This isn't really a major issue, but, sometimes when I start up
an aterm on my NetBSD 2.0 machine (which is my desktop) it
does this... 

ultraviolet@chutney:~ %> ultraviolet@chutney:~ %> 

I added the following to my /etc/zshrc file, thats when it started.
And it doesn't happen everytime either, just every sort of 8th time
I start up an aterm. 

# X11 Terminals.
case $TERM in
        xterm*|rxvt|(K|a)term)  precmd () {
                print -Pn "\033]0;%n@%m%  %~\a"
        preexec () {
                print -Pn "\033]0;%n@%m%  <$1>\a"

So there you have it.

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