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Re: PATCH: newuser system

On Nov 23, 11:13am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Here's a first pass.

This is an impressive piece of work.

} As this will be seen by a great many new users it
} really needs to be tested as widely as possible.

Am I wrong in thinking this could be tested by starting the shell with
ZDOTDIR in the environment pointing to an empty directory?

} It's designed to be running assuming .zshrc doesn't initially exist and
} doesn't assume (nor probe) any other shell settings.

Presuming that Clint will do something sensible for Debian, we should find
people to check a few other standard OS distributions (FreeBSD, NetBSD,
RedHat Linux, perhaps Solaris, etc.) to see if their standard new-user
skeletons might already include a .zshrc.  I don't recall having seen any
but I'm not exposed to as many OS variants as I used to be.

Misc. stuff:

} Index: INSTALL
} +"name=zsh/newuser" int the config.modules file, which is generated in the
(I didn't proofread the rest so closely, I fear.)

} +# Substitute an initial ~ for human consumption.
} +if [[ $zd = $HOME ]]; then
} +  zdmsg="~"
} +else
} +  zdmsg=$zd
} +fi


(How's *that* for obfuscation?)

Regarding keymaps ... it might be helpful if the explanatory text were
to recommend choosing the emacs keymap, as that's the one assumed by
most of the completion system initialization and the one most similar
to other line editors (e.g. bash/readline).

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