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I am trying to use the new insert-unicode-char in a vi emulation - insetmode,

        autoload insert-unicode-char
        zle -N insert-unicode-char
        bindkey -v '^y' insert-unicode-char

It works, accept I cannot enter  two unicode characters in a row. After I have
finished entering the first one by entering its closing ^Y, the  opening ^Y of
the second character just beeps. I can start another insert-unicode-char
sequence only after typing at least one more character (of course, a
"solution" is to hit any character and to follow it by a backspace ;-)).
I am using the up-to-date zsh-4.3.0-dev-1 (ChangeLog revision 1.2939,
insert-unicode-char revision 1.3) on a RedHat 9 and system.


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