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Re: New 4.2 release

* Nikolai Weibull <mailing-lists.zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [Nov 25. 2005 13:18]:
> Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > As well as producing a test release for 4.3.1, I'd like to release
> > 4.2.6 early next week.  Let me know if there's anything that you think
> > needs merging into 4.2, such as completion functions (or do it yourself).
> > 
> > There aren't that many changes but some of them are significant.
> > I'm not aware of any new incompatibilities.
> I have a completion function for git.  It has far too many TODOs, and is
> far too untested, but it is a good start.  I'm getting really bored with
> it, so if anyone wants to provide suggestions or fixes, then be my
> guest.  Git is still under heavy development, so things may still change
> at that end.  Perhaps we should wait until 4.2.7 to include this.

git is very close to 1.0 (RC3 IIRC), so I think 4.2.6 would be a good
starting point to bring in completion.

Mads Martin Joergensen, http://mmj.dk
"Why make things difficult, when it is possible to make them cryptic
 and totally illogical, with just a little bit more effort?"
                                -- A. P. J.

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