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= completion


I'm either having a problem, or misunderstanding what I should expect,
in the following situation.

With the following, tab completion works as expected:

    abc=(/whatever $abc)

(I'm doing tab completion on the /whatever)

In each of the following, however, tab completion does not work (that
is, no completion occurs):

    export abc=/whatever:$abc   (obviously I attempt tab completion
before adding the :$abc)

    dd if=./whatever

The latter is an example of using arg=/some/path which occurs for
various commands, so dd is just an example and the question is not in
any way specific to dd.

I do have the options related to equals completion enabled.

I also tried this on a new install of linux with no changes to any of
the zsh startup files (no changes in /etc and the default .zshrc file in
$HOME) with the same results.  Eliminating $HOME/.zshrc also did not
change the behavior.

Is there a way to make completion work in these situations?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author