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Re: path and += troubles

On Nov 27,  1:34pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: path and += troubles
} > schaefer<508> echo $1+=($2)
} > zsh: no match
} > schaefer<509> $1+=($2)
} > schaefer<510> 
} > 
} > Where's my "no match" error in the second case?
} I'm having a hard time coming up with a combination of options and
} arguments that does this.

Starting from "zsh -f":

zagzig% setopt cshnullglob
zagzig% echo $1+=($2)
zsh: no match
zagzig% $1+=($2)

The problem of course is that cshnullglob is supposed to be like nomatch
if *nothing* matches -- it's only supposed to be like nullglob if at
least one of several patterns matches.

} But didn't you say the problem was with NULLGLOB?

I originally [in the -users thread] mentioned that the error message
vanishes with either nullglob or cshnullglob.  After I figured out that
it happens because the test string I was using was somehow a valid glob
qualifier -- that is, "(2)" is a valid qualifier, though I have no idea
what meaning it can possibly have -- then I said [on -workers] that it
was limited to cshnullglob.

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