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Re: path and += troubles

On Nov 27,  8:39pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} > zagzig% setopt cshnullglob
} > zagzig% $1+=($2)
} > zagzig% 
} The first argument is globbed separately in order to check whether its
} arguments require special expansion, via a direct call to zglob() rather
} than globlist() which is where cshnullglob is handled.
} Does applying cshnullglob to the command word and its argument list
} together make sense?

No, I don't think it does.  A glob failure in command position should,
I think, always be a failure unless NO_NOMATCH is set.  It doesn't make
sense to me to produce an empty command name without failing.  Even with
NULL_GLOB, the empty command name should produce "command not found" or
some such error.

I've just tried tcsh and it produces "no match" on any glob failure in
command position, even if the rest of the arguments are successful globs.

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