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NO_CASE_GLO (Re: history-search + a few new user question)

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On Dec 5, 10:30am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Well, there's the option "nocaseglob", which interprets patterns that
} way, but the problem is "downloads" is a simple string which isn't
} treated as a pattern

Here's a possibly wacky and probably hard-to-implement idea:

   When this option is set, zsh attempts pattern matching on every word
   on the command line (except the command name), even plain strings
   containing no pattern metacharacters.  Globbing of plain strings is
   always performed as if all of NOMATCH, BAD_PATTERN, NULL_GLOB and
   CSH_NULL_GLOB are unset.

   This is mostly useful in combination with NO_CASE_GLOB or MARK_DIRS.

(I go back and forth on whether MARK_DIRS belongs with NOMATCH rather
than with CASE_GLOB.)

Possibly unwanted side-effects:  If a directory contains the files
  download   Download   DownLoad
then globbing the seemingly plain string "download" yields three words.

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