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Re: PATCH: multibyte FAQ

On Dec 16,  1:39am, Danek Duvall wrote:
} > The disadvantage is that you can't input multibyte characters via
} > the keyboard if they begin with the same meta sequence unless you
} > bind the more specific sequence starting with that byte
} Is there a simple way to find out which meta sequence block which
} multibyte characters for people who aren't too familiar with UTF-8
} encoding?

No, not really.  The set of multibyte characters depends on the current
locale setting, and there are potentially thousands of them, most of
which will be broken by "bindkey -m".

} It might also be worth mentioning that, depending on your terminal
} emulator, you might be able to sidestep the problem entirely.

It's not *exactly* sidestepping the problem, because you still have to
avoid running "bindkey -m".  It may be an alternative to "bindkey -m".

} In xterm at least, you can control whether the meta key sets the
} eighth bit or sends an escape character depending on the values of the
} eightBitInput and metaSendsEscape resources.

That doesn't have the desired effect for me, because eightBitInput has
to be false, which AFAICT means you can't send multibyte characters
either.  Am I doing something wrong, or is my xterm version too old?

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