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Re: PATCH: multibyte FAQ (MacOS X)

I'm just a user (not a worker) of zsh but want to comment on the mulibyte support on MacOS X.

At 18:31 +0000 05.12.14, Peter Stephenson wrote:
>+multibyte mode is believed to work automatically on:
>+  - All(?) current GNU/Linux distributions
>+  - All(?) current BSD variants
>+  - OS X 10.4.3

In MacOS X, configure does not enable multibyte by default, because __STDC_ISO_10646__ is not defined. So "./configure; make" gives a zsh without multibyte support, although it supports "\u....".

If configured with --enable-mulibyte, then I get a zsh which supports multibyte relatively well, but at least two problems remain;

(1) "\u...." (and so insert-composed-char and insert-unicode-char) doesn't work. This can be fixed by a patch proposed in 22085.

(2) In MacOS X, the standard file system is HFS+ which stores filenames in Unicode but in fully decomposed form. This means the filename returned by the completion is also in decomposed form; the filename is displayed correctly, but it can't be edited correctly. And if I go up/down in the history stack the prompt is destroyed.

I can test only on 10.4.3 but guess the situation is the same in 10.3.x/10.4.x.

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