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Re: zsh 5.0.2-test-1 is available

On Fri, 08 Nov 2013 06:39:03 -0800
Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Nov 8,  9:38am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> }
> } I think the problem with making this silent is it's not currently
> } trivial to check that the builtin that's there is actually the same as
> } the one you're trying to add, so in theory it's not safe to ignore
> If you want to ignore it, "zmodload -ia zsh/stat zstat" works.  I don't
> think there's any reason to make -i obsolete in this case.

Hmmm... the reason is we're getting reports for things that probably
aren't actually bugs, and I for one would rather only get reports for
actual errors.

We removed the need -i from the case of "zmodload zsh/stat" because it's
not an error if zsh/stat gets loaded when zsh/stat is already present.
It seems to me it's equally not an error to mark zstat as a builtin from
zsh/stat if it's already loaded as a builtin from zsh/stat.  It would
only be an error if there's a conflict.

That's how "autoload" works, after all: it can't check for a conflict
(without major faff) but it does check if a function's already loaded.


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