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Re: Bug#310872: zsh can't be a ksh replacement (can't trap ERR).

> This is very simple. zsh is not to be considered a ksh.
> This simple command fails using zsh as ksh (I did update-alternatives) :
> 	trap 'echo alert-an-error-occured' ERR
> This simple command succeeds with `normal/standard' ksh, tested with :
> 	Solaris ksh,
> 	OSF1 ksh,
> 	AIX ksh,
> 	pdksh (debian sarge),
> 	www.kornshell.com ksh.
> I hope you will remove this alternative before too many scripts break...

Recently, the Debian packages for ksh93, pdksh, and zsh cooperated to
provide alternatives for /bin/ksh.  This was done without defining any
exact requirements, so at the present time, it is de facto "the
intersection of ksh93, pdksh, and zsh".

Unless this bug is deemed release-critical (I doubt it will be), the
upcoming Debian release will allow zsh to easily be /bin/ksh.

P.S., someone left conflict cruft in ChangeLog.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author