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Re: Bug#310872: zsh can't be a ksh replacement (can't trap ERR).

Clint Adams a écrit :

> Recently, the Debian packages for ksh93, pdksh, and zsh cooperated to
> provide alternatives for /bin/ksh.  This was done without defining any
> exact requirements, so at the present time, it is de facto "the
> intersection of ksh93, pdksh, and zsh".
IMHO, this can only lead to confusion. if one installs zsh as ksh, he
might use commands that are not supported by "historical" ksh,
and "historical" scripts may not run.

Why not add ash, dash, bash and so on, into the ksh pool, until
only "a=foo" and "echo bar" are the common points ? surely because
all of us have an idea of what ksh should be, only this idea is a
bit different for each of us.

I realize there are many differences between implementations of
shells. There must be some incompatibilities between pdksh and ksh.
But this trap ERR thing seems to be a basic ksh functionnality.

Last, zsh is such a special shell, with all its exotic and powerful
functionalities, that when you need/want it, it is unlikely
you want it as a ksh. Debian already have 2 ksh...

> Unless this bug is deemed release-critical (I doubt it will be), the
> upcoming Debian release will allow zsh to easily be /bin/ksh.

I definitely hope that the alternative will be removed...

	Have a nice weekend,
-- char*p="c+)1+)I1+++(Y1)I1)1)I1)19Y(QII1)1)I1)19Q(K)K+)I1+9I(a)I1)II1))AA(91)I\
1)II1)199(3+)1)K+)19;(";main(_){while(*p){for(_=*p-32>>3;_;--_)putchar(' ');if
(!(_=*p++-32&7))putchar('\n');else while(_--)printf("_/");}}

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