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Re: PATCH: new shells completion type

Doug Kearns wrote:
> Here is a new completion type for shells. It seems to me that if we're
> going to complete shells from /etc/shells then it should be restricted
> _only_ to shells listed there. This will change the behaviour of useradd
> completion which always included /bin/false.

With useradd/usermod, it's very useful to have /bin/false as a match. If
the user account won't need to login then that's a common way to ensure
it can't.

> -  '-s[shell to execute rather than $SHELL]:shell name: _command_names -e' \
> +  '-s[shell to execute rather than $SHELL]:shell:_shells' \

I don't use screen but does that option only get used with actual

> +  shells=( ${(M)commands:#*/((|[abckz]|tc|ba)sh|false)} )

That branch is still adding /bin/false. If screen's -s option is
commonly used, you may want to expand this a bit.


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