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Re: get _files to work/bug in subversion in completion

On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Bart Schaefer wrote:

> On Jul 8, 11:07pm, Itai Seggev wrote:
> }
> } In particular, if I do a
> }
> } svn ci -F [tab]
> }
> } to try to get a list of of possible files to use as my changelog, zsh
> } never completes anything. I think this is a bug...
> It's a bug in _subversion, I think.
> Try adding
>    local ret=1
> somewhere near the top of the function _svn_subcommand in the file
> Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion and see if that fixes it.  Or better
> yet, delete
>        && ret=0
>    return ret
> from the end of that function, leaving just the _arguments call.  The
> same goes for _svnadmin_subcommand, for that matter.

I tried both of these solutions. (I assume that all I had to do was edit
the files and then ssh in to make use of the new definitions.) Neither
seemed to have any effect. Other suggestions?


Itai Seggev, University of Chicago, Department of Physics

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